The Royal Norwegian Embassy

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bucharest was established in 1977. It covers Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Bulgaria.

The strong relations between Norway and Bulgaria are based on common values and interests. Norway is a very close partner to the European Union and part of the EU internal market. Membership in NATO and partner relationships in the context of the European Economic Area are factors for strengthening bilateral relations.

In 2016, Norway, along with Iceland and Liechtenstein, signed cooperation agreements with Bulgaria on a number of new programme areas under the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021. The grants aim to deepen the bilateral relations and reduce the socioeconomic disparities. The programmes cover culture, environmental protection, energy efficiency and business development. Areas of support include poverty reduction, civil sector, and green industry innovation. A total of 210.1 million euro has been allocated to Bulgaria via EEA and Norway Grants.

Виртуално събитие

Norwegian language and identity/Norwegian culture and language – presentation by Ms. Sandra Jorung, Norwegian lecturer at Sofia University, Scandinavian Study Programme

Common phrases in Norwegian – Mrs. Emma Popova, Managing Director Nordstudeo – School for Nordic languages

Short movie about Norway

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